Industry Solutions

Automobile Industry

DEASSCO adhesives have become an indispensable linking technology in automobile production today, and the automotive industry currently relies on a variety of adhesives. Parts that in the past had to be welded and bolted can now be bonded safely and reliably. Especially in vehicle electronic equipment and sensors, various adhesives are used to reduce the weight of vehicles and ensure vehicle safety.

The development of electric vehicles is only possible with innovative high-tech adhesives – the only feasible way to achieve a permanent, vibration-resistant and weather-resistant connection of charging and battery systems.

Adhesive applications in the automotive industry include:

1. Sensor technology: adhesives for fixing and protecting vehicle parts; adhesives for shielding and heat dissipation.

2. Camera system: Adhesives for cameras, assisted driving systems, and recognition technologies.

3. Electric vehicle motor assembly: The adhesive can optimize the bonding of lightweight casings and magnets, and protect the insulating coil windings.

4. Automotive battery packs: adhesives for battery contact systems and battery packs, and anti-corrosion protective coatings for batteries.