High Temperature Tapes
Copper Clad Polyimide Film FCCL Sheet

DEASSCO Copper-Clad Polyimide Film Single-Sided Fccl Board Has Excellent High Temperature Resistance And Insulation Properties. High Temperature Resistant, Commonly Used With Thermoset Coverlays In The Flexible Circuit Board Industry.


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Product Details

Product Name:Single Sided Copper Clad Polyimide Film FCCL Sheet

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive Side:Single Sided


Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive


Tape color:Copper

Custom size:Yes


Feature:Heat Resistant,Chemical Stability,Easy To Die-Cutdesign,Electrical Insulation,Good Shear Resistance

Application:For Fpc Board Assembly,Electrical Insulation

Processing Conditions

Volatile Matter Content:≤3%

Dimensional Stability:≤2.20%

Peel Strength:≥1.0

Surface Resistance:≥1×10∧5 Mω

Dielectric Constant:≤4.0

Dissipation Factor:≤0.035

Flexural Endurance:10000(R=0.38)

Application Scenario

【Application Scenario【【Fpc Assembly】【Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing】【Overlays Or Ribs In F-Pcb】【Automotive Circuit Board Assembly】【Transformer And Motor Insulation】

Copper-Clad Polyimide Film Processing Conditions:

1. The First Band: Temperature 120°C, High Pressure 20kg/Cm², 1min;

2. The Second Wave Band: Temperature 140 ℃, High Pressure 30kg/Cm², 80min;

3. The Third Stage: Temperature 80℃, High Pressure 30kg/Cm², 5min;



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