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Physics environmental impact physics, chemical charge performance. Kapton® Polyurethane thin film and heat-resistant silica adhesive. Kapton is a trademark of Teijin Thin Film Co., Ltd. Manufacture flexible electric circuit material.

PVC/Battery base - Polycarbonate (PVC)/Battery base product used belt, thin film or layer compression board type Battery base or PVC backing.

Rubber product use belt, thin film or layered rubber backing.

Silicon - product use belt, thin film or layered silicon backing.


There are various sizes of foam belts.

The degree of clarity that is the basis of the decision.

The thickness is the distance from the surface to the surface of the surface. Any number of minutes apart from the adhesive layer material. performance standards

Abrasion Strength - Abrasion or cohesion strength is the force required to separate the cohesive surface. The initial viscosity display shows the working conditions within a short time (seconds or minutes) of the viscosity. The final adhesive force is a long internal adhesive strength time (72 hours).

Temperature Resistant - The maximum temperature the product can withstand. At high temperature, the viscosity agent will be petrified, and the material will be sheared and strengthened. Low-temperature use viscosity changes brittle, which leads to increased cracking resistance and increased sensitivity.

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In terms of characteristics, it is possible to use foam cotton:

Single side or double side - Single side only has one side. Double-sided belt is a double-sided adhesive agent for the back or the body. There are two types of different adhesives that can be used every day, and are suitable for applications with very different materials.

Electrolyte- Electrolyte membrane in a multi-layered capacitor.

Electronic - Electronic products can be electronic and provide electrostatic discharge protection.

Transparent - Transparent products can be translucent. If you are directly connected to a bank, you can read it from 10 points, and the bank will be transparent.

Switching belt - Switching belt is a kind of multi-purpose product, with a thin and thin mucous membrane composition, no body or back.

Anti-Static or ESD Controlled Products - Anti-Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) or Electro Magnetic Discharge (EMI) Radiation Filter (RFI) Invisible foam wrap.

Permanent or transferable - Permanent transfer, once sticky and sticky, no lawful transfer.

Suitable for outdoor use - Can be used outdoors, can resist UV rays, rain, snow or wind, etc. to create weather conditions.


If the application requires different foams, it is possible to use foam adhesives. Available in this type of application, it is a double-faced adhesive with two types of different types of adhesives that can be used on every backpack, and it is the best type of foam composition that can be used. Suitable for use in adhesive-type foaming materials.

Comprehensive applications for foam mucous joints include aviation, automobiles, construction and construction, biotechnologies, electrical appliances, electronics, packaging, pipelines, printing and joints.

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It is manufactured by the Japan Material Testing Council (ASTM), which is based on the Pressure Sensitization Committee (PSTC).

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