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Construction Industry

From windows to building cladding, bonding and installation applications often rely on traditional joining methods such as liquid glue. While both glues and tapes offer bond grades that meet or exceed codes for construction supply applications, manufacturers who have switched to constructive bonding tapes and structural silicone as a modular system have seen significant improvements in production times, as well as overall efficiency. Whether you're manufacturing door and window strips or metal cladding, tapes offer a real competitive advantage over inefficient bonding methods like liquid glue. DEASSCO offers you a wide range of adhesive materials for indoor and outdoor, and can be customized.

Adhesives have a variety of applications in building materials and construction:

1. Building envelope: a solution for every application within the building envelope, from cladding and façade panels to flooring and sheathing, tapes can easily replace mechanical fasteners and provide Moisture and air barrier.

2. Constructive installation: Whether you're building architectural signs, solar panels, or installing handles and trim, tape can be used to improve aesthetics and increase your productivity.

3. Interior renovation: Simplifies and enhances the construction of interior elements from elevators to HVAC units through the use of adhesive tape designed for replacing screws, rivets and welds

4. Doors and windows: glass tape is only the starting point of the door and window structure. DEASSCO