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Ultra-Thin Nano Aerogel Film

Ultra-Thin Nano Aerogel Film Uses Nanopores To Prevent Or Change The Direction Of Heat Conduction To Reduce The Temperature Of The Product, And Can Also Be Combined With Other Heat Dissipation Materials Such As Copper, Aluminum, Polyimide, Graphite, Or The Shape Of Emi Shielding Materials. Can Reduce Or Eliminate The Uncomfortable Touch Caused By Product Hot Spots.


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Product Details

Product Name:Ultra-Thin Nano Aerogel Film

Brand Name:Deassco

Material:Aerogel insulation film

Tape color:white

Custom size:Yes


Application:Fpc Displays, Smartphones/Watches, Laptops, Home Appliances, Etc.


1. Ultra-thin nano-airgel film, 100-300um

2. Very low thermal conductivity 0.02W/(m.k)

3. Excellent heat insulation and heat insulation performance

4. Fireproof and waterproof

5. Small density, good flexibility

6. Easy to laminate with copper, polyimide, aluminum, graphite materials

7. Easy to disassemble, inspect and maintain

8. High tensile strength

Application Scenario

* Fpc Display Processing

* Smartphone Or Smart Watch

* Laptop, Ipad And Other Consumer Electronics Products

* Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Electric Heaters, Etc.

* Office Buildings, Walls Of Industrial Buildings, Etc.

* New Energy Vehicles, Buses, Trains

Nano aerogel film

Aerogel film for smartwatch

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