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High Temperature Polyimide Thermal Transfer Label

Polyimide High Temperature Label Uses Polyimide Film As Carrier Coated With Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Which Can Be Applied On Various Application Such As Pcb Board Tracking, Other Bar Code Tracking, Surface Protection And Masking Like Wave Solder Masking, Smt Processing, Lithium Battery Or Chip Packaging Protection.


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Product Details

Product Name:Polyimide labels

Brand Name:Deassco

Type:Adhesive Sticker

Adhesive:Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


Custom size:Yes


Feature:Waterproof,Heat Resistant,Durable,Easy To Die-Cut Design,Chemical Stability

Application:Pcb Board Tracking, Other Barcode Tracking, Surface Protection And Masking



Application Scenario

【Automotive Interior Component Label】【Pcb Board Tracking】【Wave Solder Reflow Masking】【Brand&Instruction Label】【Warning Label】【Lithium Battery Label】【Wifi Module Label】【Other Bar Code Tracking】



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