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Fireproof High Density EVA Foam Waterproof Weather Stripping Tape

Fireproof Eva Foam Tape Is Available In Various Thicknesses, Which Can Cushion And Absorb Shocks And Have Good Sealing Performance. Adhesive Installation Of Interior And Exterior Parts Of Automobiles, Sealing Installation Of Solar Panels, Etc. It Is Usually Used In Different Industries Such As Door And Window Insulation, Building Gap Filling, Etc.


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Product Details

Product Name:Fireproof High Density EVA Foam Waterproof Weather Stripping Tape

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive Side:Single Sided


Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive


Thickness:0.5mm to 15mm

Custom size:Yes


Feature:Fireproof / Waterproof/Good Sealing,/Bonding /Shockproof Properties

Application:sealing, stacking, bonding

Application Scenario

* Automotive Interior And Exterior Trim Assembly, Furniture Trim,

* For Sealing Electronic Components And Electronic Machines

* For Bonding Car Rearview Mirrors, Medical Equipment Parts

* Fixed The Frame Of Lcd And Fpc

* For Bonding Metal And Plastic Badges

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