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The screw-on ring is sealed, the anti-slip screw screw plug, and the screw column combination housing. Others usually referred to as:

iron dragon belt



plumber's belt

The silk bracelet is usually made of Polyethylene (PTFE), which is a kind of highly crystalline perfluoropolymer, so it is a special product of the national brand and the customary commercial label known as human knowledge. It has a very low friction coefficient, good chemical resistance and good heat resistance. Preventing chemical inertia interaction, the ideal choice for the application of PTFE screw thread and corrosive chemicals (like liquid) or corrosive agents (like carbon). It is made of polyester (PE), which is a type of waterproof and resistant to various chemicals.

the standard

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Substrate compatibility

PTFE screw thread can be supplied as a high-density or low-density product. The density of high-density PTFE spiral wrap is usually about 0.70 g/cm3 or 1.2 g/cm3. Low Density PTFE spiral belt density is usually about 0.37 g/cm3. Anti-strength is a force that is needed to destroy a single line of resistance. The elongation rate is due to tension force or heat expansion induced screw thread length partial increase. Inclusive length, width and thickness are important for the scroll. Concerning base material compatibility, some special dragon drum designs are made of steel, black steel or yellow copper pipes, pipes or guide pipes. Others PTFE screw thread can be sealed with adhesive on steel, copper, glass, plastic or rubber.


The PTFE threaded belt complies with the two basic quality standards, and is in progress for various applications. MIL-T-27730A is the US military specification (MIL-SPEC), with a minimum thickness of 3 tight ears. A-A-58092 is a commercial standard, and has retained MIL-T-27730A thickness requirements, but has increased minimum density standards. White PTFE screw connection provides a variety of screw connections, tightly sealed, suitable for most pipes and water systems for Japanese sake. Yellow PTFE screw tube design for transport air, gas, tube, gas or gas tube, guide tube, screw plug, gate and screw gas tube. Powder color special dragon belt made of heavy industrial grade PTFE, suitable for commercial or industrial pipe applications. Green special dragon thread is available for processing applications.

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