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Tesa51026 High Temperature Resistant Cloth Base Wire Harness Tape

Tesa 51026 is a PET cloth-based wire harness tape, solvent-free rubber adhesive system. High temperature resistance, automotive wire harness flannelette tape engine compartment noise reduction special tape.


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Product Details

Base material: PET (polyester) cloth base                                           Total thickness: 260 μm

Adhesive Type: Natural Rubber                                                          Bonding to stainless steel: 5.5 N/cm

Elongation at break: 40 %                                                                  Tensile strength: 275 N/cm

Minimum temperature resistance: -40 °C                                          Temperature resistance (3000 hours): 150 °C

Wear-resistant (10mm axis): Class B (acc. to LV312)                           Wear-resistant (5mm axis): Class A (acc. to LV312)

Composite Flame Retardancy :Class B (acc. to LV312)


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