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Tesa 4590 Cargo Heavy Duty Carton Sealing Strapping End Fixing Fiber Tape

High adhesive force, reliable adhesive performance, still has strong adhesive force on the surface of corrugated box and cardboard box. High tensile strength, tear resistance, to ensure safe and reliable binding of heavy goods. Non-fading and non-staining, the product has good anti-aging performance and will not cause staining to the adherend.Safe transportation and fixation of commercial and household appliances.Used for fixing and reinforcing when moving furniture.Bind and reinforce glazing for transport.Splicing of metal plates during manufacturing and processing.Fix the end of metal coil to ensure safe and reliable transportation.


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Product Details

Model Number:TESA 4590                                      Adhesive:Rubber                          Adhesive Side:Single Sided

Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive                            Material:PET/Fiberglass                Use:Carton Sealing

Feature:Heat-Resistant                                             Type:Single sided filament tape   Color:Transparent


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