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Crepe Paper Masking Tape Multipurpose

Multipurpose Beige Crepe Paper Masking Tape consists of a crepe paper base. Universal Painters Tape is perfect for protecting wood, vinyl, and tile from unwanted paint drips. Easily create crisp paint lines with our masking tape. Rest assured, the tape removes easily without leaving any sticky residue.


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We are adhesive tape manufacturers and suppliers, looking for wholesalers, distributors, or individual large orders with purchase intentions all over the world. Please describe your inquiry in detail, including but not limited to product name, specification, application idea, operating condition, quantity, etc. The more accurate the information provided, the more accurate quotation and samples our team can provide within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.

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Product Details

Adhesive Side:Single Sided

Adhesive:Rubber,Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive, Hot Melt

Material:Crepe Paper

Tape Color:Color can be customized.

Feature:【Resist To Solvent】【No Residue】【Heat Resistance】【Strong Backing Is Easy To Tear】【Various Thickness For Choice】

Application:Automotive Coating, Powder Coating, Wave Soldering Masking Of Electronic Pcb Boards, Etc.

  • As an authorized 3M dealer, we are happy to professionally recommend the most suitable tape solution for you.

Application Scenario

【Automotive Painting Masking】【Powder Coating Masking】【Aircraft Painting Masking】【Aerospace Industry】【Electronic Pcb Waver Solder Masking】【Metal Or Plastic Painting Masking】【Other Painting Masking Industry】



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