Teflon PTFE Adhesive Tape
Kevlar Mesh/Industrial Conveyor Belt/Protective Gloves/Body Armor Material

Deassco Adopts Imported High-Strength Kevlar Fiber, Introduces Advanced Equipment And Technology, And Is Coated With High-Quality Ptfe Resin.


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Product Details

Product Name:Kevlar Mesh/Industrial Conveyor Belt/Protective Gloves/Body Armor Material

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive:Coated With High-Quality Ptfe Resin

Material:High-Strength, Lightweight Fiber

Maximum width: 4.2 meters, thickness: 0.20mm -1.5mm.

Custom size:Yes


Application:Various Mesh Cloths And Conveyor Belts Made Of This Material Have Excellent Temperature Resistance And Strength. 

Feature:Fireproof High Temperature Resistance, High Strength, Good Toughness, No Smoke, No Poison When Burning, Corrosion Resistance, And Non-Slip.

  • High Strength Of 20.92 Cn/Dtex

  • Linear Density: 1.667, Heavier Than Water, Sink In Water

  • Good Tensile Properties, Elongation At Break: 3.55%

  • Resistant To General Organic Solvents And Salt Solutions, Poor Resistance To Strong Acids And Alkalis

  • Sensitive To Uv Light

  • Aramid Cloth Is Coated With Teflon And Silica Gel According To Customized Requirements To Make High-Strength Conveyor Belt And High-Strength High-Temperature Resistant Cloth

Application Scenario

Industrial Conveyor Belts, Printing And Dyeing, Microwave And Other High-Temperature Drying, Protective Gloves, Body Armor Materials, Etc.

We Allow Custom Processing Of Kevlar Mesh And Conveyor Belts In Various Thicknesses And Extra Wide Widths According To Customer Requirements.

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