Teflon PTFE Adhesive Tape
Teflon PTFE Oven Liner-Baking Plate Series

Deassco Teflon Ptfe Oven Liner-Baking Pan Series Is A New Type Of Composite Material Product With Powerful Functions And Wide Range Of Uses. It Adopts A Variety Of Imported Glass Fiber Cloth, Coated With Imported Ptfe, And Processed By Special Technology.


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Product Details

Product Name:Teflon PTFE Oven Liner-Baking Plate Series

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive:Coated With Imported Ptfe

Material:Fiberglass Fabric

Custom size:Yes


Feature:Dustproof,Non-Stick,Easily Cleaned,Heat Resistance,


1. Q008A, 0.08mm brown, black baking sheet

2. Q013A, 0.13mm brown and black baking sheets

3. Q008BJ, 0.08mm high-grade black silver powder baking tray

4. Q013BJ, 0.13mm high-grade black silver powder baking tray

5. Grid baking sheets, such as 1*1mm grid, 2*2, 4*4, 10*10, etc.

Application Scenario

1. For Food Pyrolysis

Cut Out The Desired Size And Shape With;

On Boilers, Trays Or Other Containers

After The Food Is Deeply Baked, Take It Out After Refrigeration And Wash It With Water;

 Can Be Used Repeatedly.

2. Use As An Oven Mat

Electric Oven

Steam Oven

Has Anti-Adhesive Properties






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