Natural Rubber Tape
Transparent Non-slip Silicone Sticky Points

The transparent non-slip silicone sticky dots are very easy to use: simply attach the sticky dots to the back of the ruler or stencil and then remove them without leaving any residue when you no longer need them. With a self-adhesive backing, the grip points stick to most surfaces and hold the template or ruler in place to avoid slipping when using the disc cutter, so cuts are safer, more precise, and perfectly straight.


Product Details

Product Name:Transparent Non-slip Silicone Sticky Points

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive Side:Double Sided


Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive

Material:silicone material, soft and durable

Tape color:Transparent 

Custom size:Yes



Easy to peel off the paper

Self-adhesive to most surfaces such as cloth, fabric, paper, etc.

Hold the template and ruler during rotary cutting

Prevent slipping during cutting

Easy to tear off without residue

24 large dots and 24 small dots to one sheet

Individual paper packaging with customizable logo

Application Scenario

Anti-slip for measuring tools such as rulers and templates

Non-slip table legs, chair legs, sofa legs, cabinets, etc.

Skids, seals and gaskets for other industrial applications

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