Natural Rubber Tape
Custom Die Cut Non-Slip Silicone/Rubber Mat/Sheet

Anti slip silicone/rubber pad/sheet. It is a multi-functional material with various properties such as anti-slip, wear-resistant, impact-resistant and anti-shock. Protects the surface from scratches and impacts, increasing the life of the product. It has excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation and UV radiation.


Product Details

Product Name:Custom Die Cut Non-Slip Silicone/Rubber Mat/Sheet

Brand Name:Deassco

Tape color:The color can be changed to transparent or other colors as needed, such as white, black, blue, red, green, orange, etc.

Maximum width: 0.2mm-6mm thickness is available

Custom size:Yes


Feature: Anti-Slip, Wear-Resistant, Shockproof, Anti-Collision,Has Excellent Ozone Resistance, Oxidation Resistance, Uv Resistance, Good shock absorption,Can be laminated with 3M double-sided tape

Application Scenario

Appliances/Furniture/Ceramic Or Glassware/Office Supplies

Decoration Doors And Windows

Various Mobile Phone Holders

Non-Slip Tables And Chairs

Electronic Product

Metal And Plastic

Printing Industry

Mechanical Engineering



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