Double Side Tapes
3M Double Sided VHB Tape( 9460PC/9469PC/9473PC )

3M 9460PC VHB Tape uses 3M 100MP strong adhesive system, which has extremely high adhesive strength and can replace the role of rivets, spot welding and liquid adhesives to achieve permanent bonding. It is designed for use on medium to high surface energy materials such as metals, polyimides and polycarbonates. It also works well in hot or cold conditions and when cycling. The long term operating temperature is 149C (300F) and the short term temperature can reach 260C (500F).


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Product Details

Product Name: 3M Double Sided VHB Tape( 9460PC/9469PC/9473PC )

Brand Name:3M 

Adhesive Side:Double Sided

Specification&Feature: High temperature resistance/Chemical solvent/ UV resistance

  • 100MP strong acrylic adhesive system

  • 2mil, 5mil and 10mil for different application

  • Operating temperature 149℃, Short term temperature 260℃

  • Good conformity excellent shear strength

  • Replace function of rivet, spot welds, liquid adhesives and other permanent fasteners

Application Scenario

* Metal to metal combination

* Adhesive to high energy surfaces such as polyimide, metal, aluminum, polycarbonate.

* Bonding of flexible printed circuit boards (FPC) to aluminum stiffeners or heat sinks

* Indoor or outdoor industrial bonding

* Some digital products are permanently linked, such as a fixed LCD screen with LED backlight.

* Membrane switches with nameplate permanently bonded

* Metal parts are firmly connected





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