Double Side Tapes
3M 9448A Double Coated Tissue Tape

3M 9448A Double Sided Fabric Tape is a fabric backing coated on both sides with a high performance pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and an easy to peel backing. It is usually laminated with PE foam, ethylene vinyl acetate foam or Poron material and die cut into various shapes for cushioning, mounting and impact protection. It is a translucent tape with very high adhesion, good flexibility and easily torn by hand.


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Product Details

Product Name:3M 9448A Double Coated Tissue Tape

Brand Name:3M 

Adhesive Side:Double Side


1. High performance pressure sensitive adhesive

2.  High bond adhesion and good holding power

3. Good shear strength

4. Good combination of flexibility

5. Excellent flexibility and easy to tear by hand

6. Strong viscosity with PP, PC, OPP, PE, EVA, PORON, sponge, metal, etc

Application:nameplate bonding, foam bonding

Application Scenario

* Automotive

* Electronics

* Advertising

* Arts and entertainment

* Leather and shoes

* Furniture, membrane switch, nameplates signs adhesion





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