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Kapton Poylimide Tape

Kapton polyimide tapes are based on a polyimide film coated on one or both sides with a high performance silicone adhesive. Kapton polyimide adhesives are used as electrical insulating components for capacitor and transformer housings, can be used to protect printed circuit boards during wave soldering or reflow soldering, and can be used at temperatures from -260 (-452F) to 260 (500C) ). F) over a wide temperature range. F), commonly used in SMT surface mount, transformer manufacturing, lithium battery positive and negative electrodes, ear hooks, etc., and used in aerospace, aviation, marine, aerospace, missile, missile, nuclear power, electrical and electronic industries and other areas.


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Product Details

Product Name:Kapton Poylimide Tape

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive Side:Single Sided/Double Sided


Adhesive Type:Hot Melt

Material:Polyimide film

Tape color:Golden

Color: amber, black red

Thickness: 12.5 microns, 25 microns, 35 microns, 50 microns, 75 microns. 100 microns, 125 microns.

Maximum width: 500 mm (19.68 inches)

Maximum length: 33 meters

Custom size:Yes


Feature:【No Residue After High Temperature】【Good Shear Resistance】【High Temperature Resistance】【Electrical Insulation】【Without Residue】

Application:【PCB Board Solder Protection】【Smt Wave Soldering】

Application Scenario

Pcb Board Manufacturing --- Gold Finger Protection During Wave Soldering Or Reflow Soldering

Used In Capacitors And Transformers --- As Packaging And Insulation

Powder Coating --- High Temperature Masking

Automobile Manufacturing Industry --- Packaging Switches, Diaphragms, Sensors For Seat Heaters Or Car Navigation Components.







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