Masking Tape
3M 244SP Yellow Masking Tape

The backing material contains synthetic fiber flat paper, which can be easily torn by hand without tearing the tape.Fully soaked back material, water and solvent resistance, good temperature aging resistance, very easy to remove, no paint bleeding, thin flat paper back material, keep the edge flat, ensure excellent spray paint, masking effect. Adhesive The acrylic adhesive with stable chemical properties can still be easily removed when exposed to sunlight outdoors without leaving any adhesive residue. Slightly cross-bonded, no edge lift, no paint bleedingModerate viscosity, even if it stays for a long time, there will be no glue transfer phenomenon.


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Product Details


High temperature resistant washi tape

Strong adhesion, firm fit

Easy to tear without glue residue

Strong adhesion without warping

Application Scenario

Automotive paint protection application


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