Kraft Paper Adhesive Tape
Kraft Paper High Viscosity Tape

This lined reinforced kraft paper tape tape is strong and durable, and it will enhance its adhesion when exposed to water.Brown paper tape is a green environmental protection and biodegradable product.


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Product Details

Product Name: Wet Water Kraft Paper Tape

Width: 48mm/60mm/72mm

Length: 50m

Color: Brown

Material: Preferred Kraft Paper + Fine Fiber Thread


The glue of this product belongs to wet water glue. Please do not place it in a dark and humid place. Be careful not to drop water on the product when using it. Apply water evenly on the glue surface. In the rainy season of spring, be sure to pay attention to product preservation and sealing.

Application Scenario

Wet water-based kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper base paper, coated with edible plant starch, sticky after being soaked in water, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, recyclable renewable resources, anti-unpacking, high viscosity, no warping, long shelf life , Guaranteed long-term effective stickiness without moisture.

Wet water kraft paper tape can be used for printing. Wet water kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper as the base material and modified starch as the adhesive. It must be wet to produce stickiness, which has the characteristics of being able to write on kraft paper. It is suitable for sealing the export carton or covering the writing on the carton.

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