Bopp Tape
Bopp Sealing Tape

BOPP Sealing Tape Heavy Duty Packaging Tape.Using high-quality BOPP as the base material, it has high tensile strength.It can be used for transportation, packaging, bundling, and wrapping, and is widely used in carton sealing and automatic packaging machinesGift packaging, decorative bundling, convenient for various transportation/express delivery, peeling adhesive is more than twice that of water-based acrylic, can be used for sealing recycled cartons, solid sealing, can be used with dispensers.


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Product Details

Product Name: Sealing Tape

Product Features:

1. With High-Quality Bopp As The Base Material, It Has High Tensile Strength

2. High Adhesion

Preservation Method:

Store In A Dry And Clean Warehouse At A Temperature Of 5°C-30°C. The Storage Period Is One Year. Avoid Mixing Storage With Organic Solvents And Sharp Objects. Do Not Roll Or Throw.

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