Copper Foil Tape
Double Sided Conductive Adhesive Copper Foil Tape

A double sided conductive copper foil tape consisting of a copper foil backing coated with a conductive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Conductive copper tape has excellent electrical conductivity, shielding performance, heat resistance and solderability, and is suitable for use in high temperature environments. Copper tape is commonly used for electromagnetic shielding, grounding and repair of electrical equipment. The tape adheres easily to a variety of surfaces including metal, plastic and glass.


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Product Details


Carrier:Copper Foil

Adhesive:Conductive PSA

Features:Waterproof, Cold-Resistant, Heat-Resistant, Moisture-Proof, Strong Adhesion, Easy To Peel Off, Emi Shielding, Very Durable.

Application Scenario

Dual Conductor: The front and back sides of copper tape provide stable conductivity, so current flows through both sides and the adhesive, providing electrical contact to surfaces or components that cannot be soldered.





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