Aluminum Foil Tape
Non Conductive Adhesive Aluminum Foil Tape

Non Conductive Adhesive Aluminum Foil Tape have many uses in the electrical, HVAC, and construction industries. Can be used where moisture and chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, flame retardance, heat and light reflection and abrasion resistance are required. Adhesive coated non-conductive aluminum foil tape is available in many different tape types. Contains acrylic adhesive, wire-free, polymer-coated, flame-retardant aluminum glass tapes.


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Product Details

Product Name:Non Conductive Adhesive Reinforced Aluminum Foil Tape


Good tensile strength, strong adhesive ability, stable chemical properties

Fireproof, water and moisture resistance, oil and acid resistance, high thermal conductivity

Application Scenario

For sealing vapors in fiberglass duct panels, sheet metal ducts and FSK systems, ideal for use in HVAC systems. Bonds well even in low temperatures and high humidity with its high cold weather tack acrylic adhesive.


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