Aluminum Foil Tape
Hvac Tape Aluminum Foil Shielding Tape

HVAC aluminum foil shielding tape is coated with acrylic adhesive on aluminum foil in different thicknesses. Normal thickness is 50 mic, 60 mic and 80 mic. Its extremely high viscosity acrylic adhesive can instantly bond the surface and conform perfectly to corners and edges.


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Product Details

Product Name:Hvac Aluminum Foil Shielding Tape


Carrier:Aluminum Foil

Adhesive:Non-Conductive Acrylic Adhesive

Features:High Peel Strength, No Residue,Easy To Tear, Water Proof, Flame Retardant, Good Heat Insulation

Application Scenario

HVAC Aluminum Shielding Tape is suitable for shielding or isolating electromagnetic wave or radio wave interference in high frequency transmission process of precision electronic products, computer, general cable, wire, etc.



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