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PE Stretch Film for Packaging

Features and uses: PE stretch film is mainly made of several different grades of polyethylene resin mixed and extruded, with puncture resistance, super strength and other properties. Wrapping the goods stacked on the pallet. It makes the packaging more stable, tidy and waterproof, and is widely used in foreign trade export, papermaking, hardware, plastic chemical industry, building materials, food and pharmaceutical industries.


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Product Details

Product number: HX-F001

Specifications:width 45cm and width 50cm

Technical Parameters :  

Inner diameter of paper core (mm): 76.36

Insulation resistance (Ω): >1000000

Adhesion (N/10mm): 4.4

Thickness (mm): : 0.28/0.35/0.48

Peel strength (N/M): >=300

Tensile strength (N/10mm): 70

Flame retardancy (grade): 94V-0

Solvent resistance: excellent

Corrosion coefficient: 1.0

CTI: 600II

High temperature resistance (℃): 130

Effective storage period: 1 year at 23°C, 65%RH

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