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Heavy Duty Duct Tape PVC Adhesive

Fabric Cloth Colored Duct Tape/Heavy Duty Silver Duct Tape,can be customize.Versatile Heavy Duty Fabric Tape is made from fabric and PE film coated hot melt adhesive. Offering the perfect balance of strength and flexibility, it holds corners, curves and curves securely. Silver tape is great for sealing, waterproofing, winterizing your home, and doing other emergency repairs.


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We are adhesive tape manufacturers and suppliers, looking for wholesalers, distributors, or individual large orders with purchase intentions all over the world. Please describe your inquiry in detail, including but not limited to product name, specification, application idea, operating condition, quantity, etc. The more accurate the information provided, the more accurate quotation and samples our team can provide within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.
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Product Details

Product Name:Heavy Duty Professional Duct Tape

Feature:Strong Adhesive,No Residue,Heat Resistant,Easy Tear,WaterProof, Non-Reflective,High Strength Backing Material,Ideal for use indoors and outdoors

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