Cigarette Adhesive Tape
Water Soluble Double-Sided Tape

Cigarette factory splicing paper water-soluble double-sided tape The water-soluble double-sided tape has a super water-soluble effect. Completely soluble in water, safe and environmentally friendly without any residue. There will be no impact on the recycling and reuse of waste paper, and it will not cause pollution to paper and papermaking machinery and equipment systems. It is widely used in cigarette factories for splicing paper and glue, which is environmentally friendly and odorless. It is usually used to deal with the linking process in the manufacturing industry. It can play the role of splicing paper in the production and printing process of paper products; it can also be used as rolling and sealing of roll paper products.


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Product Details

Technical Parameters

Test Standard: Jis Z 0237

Thickness: 0.095mm

Adhesion: 8.80 N/Cm

Tensile Strength: 150 N / (2.5cm)2


  • Renewable Adhesives

  • Green Glue Layer

  • For Bonding Paper

  • The Green Adhesive Layer Is Used To Identify The Bonding Part

  • Better For Uncut Paper Surfaces

Application Scenario

  1. High-speed flying splicing on coating machines and printing machines

  2. Low-speed flying splicing on supercalenders

  3. Paper splicing, winding, tail sealing, and subsequent labeling on the rewinder, etc.

  4. Professionally meet the needs of customers for high-adhesion tapes, whether in newsprint, cultural paper

  5. Specialty paper, thermoset web offset, photocopying, flexographic or digital printing

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