Natural Rubber Tape
PE Laser Cutting Protective Film

The laser cut PE protective film can be customized according to customer needs, medium and high adhesion, and comes with printed arrows and stripes to help you quickly determine the polishing direction of the stainless steel laser film. As a base, use an environmentally friendly polyethylene film coated with natural rubber adhesive.


Product Details

Product Name:PE Laser Cutting Protective Film

Brand Name:Deassco

Material:Environmentally friendly polyethylene film is used as the carrier, coated with natural rubber adhesive. 

Custom size:Yes



  • More environmentally friendly polyethylene film as a carrier

  • Natural rubber adhesive coating

  • Protect your product surface from pollution, damage and UV rays

  • Improve your brand image by wearing your logo and contact information

  • Easy to apply and remove, no adhesive residue after removal

  • High temperature resistance, anti-aging

  • Stable adhesion ability, special and easy to peel off

  • Protect the surface from contamination, corrosion and scratches during production, transportation, storage and installation

Application Scenario

Can be applied to mirrored, sandblasted or sanded surfaces, as well as other 3D or angled surfaces, after peeling off the film, the surface must remain perfectly clean and untouched. Specially designed to protect stainless steel surfaces from scratches and damage during laser cutting, installation or shipping.

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