Lithium Battery Tape
Polyimide Airgel Film

The polyimide airgel film has extremely low thermal conductivity and thermal insulation performance, which can solve the thermal balance problem of consumer products in a small space, and provide thermal insulation protection for components with weak thermal resistance. It uses polyimide as a carrier and coats the polyimide film with a specially treated nano-aerogel. The direction of heat transfer can be controlled and redirected to improve product performance and shelf life.


Product Details

Product Name:Polyimide Airgel Film

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive:nano airgel

Material:Polyimide Film

Tape color:


Custom size:Yes



  • High temperature resistance 260℃-300℃

  • Very low thermal conductivity 0.02W/(m.k)

  • Heat insulation and heat insulation performance

  • Fireproof and waterproof

  • Small density, good flexibility

  • Easy to laminate with copper, aluminum, graphite materials

  • Easy to disassemble for inspection and maintenance

  • High tensile strength

Application Scenario

  • FPC Display processing

  • Smart phone or smart watch

  • Laptop,Ipad and other consumer electronic products

  • refrigerator, air condition, electric heater etc

  • New energy car, bus, train etc

  • Solar energy

  • Aerospace

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