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ITW FORMEX Insulating Paper GK-5 And GK-10

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Product Details

Prduct Name: Precision Die Cut Insulation Paper( ITW Formex GK-5 And GK-10)

Brand Name:Deassco

FORMEX GK series include: FORMEX GK-5, FORMEX GK-10, FORMEX GK-17, FORMEX GK-30, FORMEX GK-40, FORMEX GK-62, etc. 

Thickness:GK-5 with thickness of 0.005in(0.127mm), GK-10 with thickness of 0.01in(0.25mm thickness)

Material:Polypropylene Formex Insulating Paper 


  • UL 94V-O fire certificated polypropylene (PP) and FORMEX patented formula extruded sheet material

  • Superior electric surge shielding in industrial and consumer electronic equipment

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Very low water absorption for nearly 0.06%

  • Capable of long time working in the high temperature of 115 ℃

  • High dielectric breakdown voltage: FORMEX GK-5 can reach11,000V, GK-10 can reach 16,264V

  • Suitable for die cutting and easy maintenance with flexible characteristics

  • High adhesive performance characteristics for graphic printed stablly 

  • Easy for die cutting or laser cutting to achieve finished part design

Application:Battery Insulating Gaskets, The Led Lighting Industry, Transformers, And Several Other Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Processes.

Application Scenario

* Electric vehicle battery packs and charging equipment

* Servers and data storage system

* Telecommunications equipment

* LED Lighting

* UPS and surge protectors

* Medical Devices

* HVAC Equipment and Appliances

* EMI Shielding Laminates

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