Film Series
Silicone Oil Coated Polyester Release Film

Typically used as a base film when cutting or laminating tapes to protect the adhesive surface and reduce suction for smoother cutting. Silicone coated polyester pads are useful where adhesives are used or when a non-stick surface is required. It can also be used in paint, printing and other electronic industries.


Product Details

Product Name: Silicone Oil Coated Polyester Release Film

Brand Name:Deassco

Type:Release Film


Function:Release Liner for adhesive products

Custom size:Yes



  • Apply silicone oil evenly

  • Smooth and clean

  • Low heat shrinkage

  • Silicone oil coating on one or both sides

  • Light, medium and heavy release force optional

Polyester release film can be divided into light release film, medium release film and high strength release film according to release strength. In addition, we can also provide various thickness ranges, such as 12um, 19um, 25um, 38um, 50um, 75um, 100um, 125um, etc. to suit different applications.

Application Scenario

* Paint printing industry

* Tape cut off

* Tape lamination process

* Plastic film production

* Packaging industry

* Other electronics manufacturing

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