Film Series
Polyimide Aerogel Thin Film

The polyimide airgel film uses nanopores to block or reverse the direction of heat conduction to reduce the temperature of the product. It can also be laminated with copper, aluminum, graphite and other heat dissipation materials or electromagnetic interference shielding materials, and cut into different shapes. Polyimide airgel film can be widely used in electronic products such as FPC displays, smart phones/watches, laptops, home appliances, etc. to reduce or eliminate the uncomfortable touch caused by product hot spots and improve product comfort. Product experience.


Product Details

Product Name: Polyimide Aerogel Thin Film

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive Side:


Adhesive Type:

Material: Polyimide film 

Backing Material:

Tape color:


Custom size:Yes


Feature:Fireproof/Waterproof/High temperature resistant/low thermal conductivity 0.02W/(m.k)/Excellent thermal insulation/Low density/good flexibility/Easy to laminated with copper, aluminum, graphite material/High tensile strength

Application Scenario


Fpc Display Processing

Smartphone Or Smartwatch

Laptops, Ipads And Other Consumer Electronics

Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Electric Heater

Solar/New Energy Vehicles, Buses, Trains

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