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Medium Firmness Silicone Foam Rogers Bisco HT-800

Bisco Ht-800 Is A Medium Hardness Silicone Foam. Ht-800‘S Excellent Memory And Low Stress Relaxation Can Reduce Maintenance Costs Due To Gasket Failure Due To Compression Set And Softening. It Has The Function Of Shock Absorption And Vibration Isolation In Electronic Components. With A Dense Cell Structure, It Has Excellent Anti-Ultraviolet, Ozone And Extremely High Temperature Resistance Characteristics.


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Product Details

Product Name:Medium Firmness Silicone Foam Rogers Bisco HT-800

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive

Material:Silicone Foam

Custom size:Yes


Feature:Dense Cell Structure, Uv Resistance, High Temperature Resistance

Application:For Gasket Sealing, Gap Filling And Cushioning, Shock Absorption And Vibration Isolation In Various Industries

Application Scenario

* Rogers Bisco Silicone Foam Can Be Made Into Gaskets, Heat Shields, Seals, Mats, Fire Panels And Insulation.

* For Lcd Display Dustproof, Shock Absorption And Gap Filling To Enhance Light-Shielding Performance

* Used For Battery Shock Absorption And Vibration Isolation To Enhance Sealing

* For Pcb Board Gap Filling, Shock Absorption And Heat Insulation

* Used For Computer Keyboard Shading, Shock Absorption And Enhanced Sealing Effect

* For Automotive Door And Window Trim Gaskets, Sealing And Shock Absorption

* Used For Shockproof And Gap Filling Of Speakers, Microphones And Other Electronic Components.


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