Double Side Tapes
Acrylic Adhesive Double Sided Transfer Tape

Deassco Double Sided Transfer Tape is a roll of pressure sensitive adhesive attached to a release film. The double-sided transfer tape is easy to use: just press the sticky side against the surface, then peel off the release paper. It has excellent adhesion properties to metals and plastics with high surface energy. It is usually combined with other materials such as foam, paper, Eva, Poron, etc. to create different functions.


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Product Details

Product Name: Acrylic Adhesive Double Sided Transfer Tape

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive Side: Double Sided


Feature:Anti Acid And Alkali/ Long Term Heat Shielding 80°C/ Long Term Heat Shielding 80°C/High Resistance To Solvents And Humidity

Application:High-Speed Processing Of Electronic Components, Flexible Circuits, Durable Labels And More.

Application Scenario

* Some Digital Products Are Permanently Glued, Such As Fixed Lcd Led Display Screen

*Permanently Bonded Nameplate Membrane Switch

* Metal Parts Are Permanently Bonded

* Splicing Of Metal Processing And Paper Industry * Fixing Frame Of Lcd Screen And Fpc

* For Sticking Metal And Plastic Badges

* Other Special Product Bonding Solutions






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