Foam Tapes & Pads
3M 4920/4930/4950 White VHB Foam Tape

3M 4920, 3M4930, 3M 4950 Series White VHB Foam Tape Consists of a viscoelastic strong acrylic adhesive that provides very high adhesion to a variety of objects. They form a permanent insulation against water, moisture and temperature.


Product Details

Product Name:3M 4920/4930/4950 White VHB Foam Tape 

Brand Name:3M 

Adhesive Side:Double Sided


Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive


Thickness: 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 1.1mm

Feature:Waterproof/High Bonding And Sealing/Chemically Resistant /Uv Resistant/Joining And Mounting Function/Flexibility

Application Scenario

* Electronic Liquid Crystal Display Components

* Interior And Exterior Car Decoration

* Furnishing Decoration, Photo Frame

* For Sealing Electronic Components And Electronic Machines, Packaging

* For Bonding Car Rear-View Mirrors, Medical Equipment Parts

* For Nameplates And Signs, Gluing Metal And Plastic Badges


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