Thermal Conductive Tapes
Double Conductive Adhesive Copper Shielding Tape

DEASSCO double-sided conductive copper shielding tape guarantees stable conductivity on the front and back, and can conduct current like a wire, with high conductivity, low resistance, and durability. Resistance, due to the conductive acrylic adhesive coating, the copper foil backing and the acrylic adhesive are conductive.


Product Details

Product Name:Double Conductive Adhesive Copper Shielding Tape

Brand Name:Deassco

Adhesive Side:Single Sided


Adhesive Type:Pressure Sensitive

Material:Copper foil

Tape color:Copper

Custom size:Yes


Feature:With High Conductivity/Low Resistance And Durability/Excellent Emi Shielding Properties/Heat Resistance/Chemical Resistance/Waterproof/UV resistance/Flame retardant

Application Scenario

Electronic EMI Shielding

Cable/wire winding

Pipe wrapping

Home appliance&household

Snail Barrier in gardens

Mobile phones, computer magnetic shielding place

Construction industry

LCD TV monitor, portable computer, peripheral equipment, mobile phone, cable EMI shielding40.jpg

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