Thermal Conductive Tapes
Ultra-Thin Nano Aerogel Film With 0.02W/(M.K) Low Thermal Conductivity

0.02W/(MK) Low Thermal Conductivity Ultrathin Nano Airgel Film is a flexible film material made from airgel film through a special process with extremely low thermal conductivity. It solves the problem of thermal uniformity of consumer goods in a narrow space, and also plays the role of thermal insulation protection for parts with poor heat resistance. Improve performance and product life by controlling and changing the direction of heat transfer.


Product Details

Product Name:Ultra-Thin Nano Aerogel Film

Brand Name:Deassco

Custom size:Yes


Feature: With 0.02W/(M.K) Low Thermal Conductivity/Thin filmized: 100μm-300μm/Excellent insulation/Can compound with graphite sheet and copper foil/Compliance with RoHS


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  • Application Scenario

  • *FPC display processing

  • *Smartphone or smart watch

  • *Laptop, Ipad

  • * Refrigerator, air conditioner, electric heater

  • * solar

  • * Aerospace

  • * New energy vehicles, buses, trains

  • * Office buildings, walls of industrial buildings

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