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3M Velcro Tape Dual Lock Strips

3M SJ3550, SJ3540, SJ3560 Dual Locking Rods have a density of 250 rods per square inch. They consist of interlocking mushroom heads that slide easily over each other. Thanks to its strong, secure and durable fastening, it can be repeatedly opened and closed. This fastening process creates a strong fastening and allows quick assembly of the product with great design flexibility. They have very good temperature resistance, suitable for outdoor or indoor use, and the strong fastening function can replace the drilling, screwing or bolting function.


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Product Details

Product Name:3M Dual Lock Strips

Brand Name:3M 

Custom size:Yes


Feature:Heat Resistance/High temperature resistance


Black, interlocking mushroom-shaped heads

Single side thickness with 3.5mm

Size available with 25.4mmx 45.7meter and 50.8mmx45.7meter

Black or white VHB Foam tape laminated

Replace the functions of drilling, screwing or bolting

Suits for outdoor or indoor use

3M Dual Lock has three types density, which are type 170, type 250 and type 400.

Application Scenario

Repair of car interior parts

Nameplate/logo corrected

home decoration/office decoration/fix wall decoration




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